A Letter from one Mother in the NICU to Another Mother

As we approach Mother’s Day and you start to think about what a mother is, what your mother did for you and how you can make someone’s mother day special, this letter came to my mind shared by a fellow NICU ( Neonatal Intesnive Care Unit) mother to another.  After going through this experience myself, I know how both mothers feel. Dear New NICU Mom, I recognized you the other day. You came out of the NICU,Continue reading

Healthier Breastmilk: Transforming Liquid Gold to Liquid Platinum

Healthier Breastmilk banner - Liquid gold to liquid platinum

You may have had a lactation consultant, a nurse or your physician reference the breastmilk you are providing to your preterm baby as “Liquid Gold”.  Research supports the importance to feeding your breastmilk to your baby during critical weeks while in the NICU.  But did you know you can increase the level of some nutrients in your breastmilk by what you choose to eat, which can potentially result in better outcomes for your baby? AContinue reading

Being a Great Preemie Dad Means Doing These 3 Simple Things

Marcus Moore in his role as a preemie dad

Who can understand the challenges a preemie dad faces other than the men who’ve taken on this exact role? When a child is born via preterm birth the attention usually goes to two places: the baby and the mom. If the newborn has young siblings, these sometimes will get to share in being the center of focus, but what about dad? February 26th is soon to arrive yet again. At The Gift of Life, thisContinue reading

2015 Christmas in the NICU: A Touch of Friendship for Preemie Parents

Many people debate over what has become of the true meaning of Christmas. To the parents who have to spend this holiday in the NICU with their preemies, the joy of the season is something that might be missed. Hectic Christmas shopping and the tradition of giving presents are the aspects of this holiday that cause some to claim that this celebration of peace, harmony, and love has fallen victim to commercialism. The noise ofContinue reading