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Rosie Moore
Rosie Moore, President. Bachelor's in Nursing/University of Phoenix. Master wedding consultant and event planner for 27 Miracles.

My name is Rosie Moore. I am a registered nurse and currently work as a case manager for a workers compensation company. I am embarking on the journey of obtaining a doctorate of nurse practice with a focus on developing a specific transition program for parents of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The program I am creating will help decrease the stress levels that the parents face and reduce the number of preemie hospital readmissions that occur due to complications of prematurity. My prior work experience in the medical industry was in labor and delivery, workmen's compensation, home health care, and disease management.  

I am currently the President and Founder of the 501c3 organization The Gift of Life, which offers hope, encouragement and support to parents of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. I am passionate about this organization because I am the parent of a premature son who was born weighing 1lb. 10oz. and at only 27 weeks - he is a true miracle.

I went through all the struggles that each parent who has a baby born early faces.  I understand the struggle, although I can’t stop prematurity and the feelings that go along with it, I can provide support through our organization The Gift of Life to parents going through these challenges.

I am currently a licensed certified Travel Agent and Master Wedding and Event Planner. I am an author of several books.  Some of my book titles are A Story of Faith (both in English and Spanish); I have a few children’s books, The Magic Snowflake, Alone in the Cave and The Eeriness of Being Alone.  Stay tuned for some new titles in the near future.

I have been blessed with three children and a fur baby basset hound. I married to my best friend.  So life at the Moore’s is always busy!

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