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What are Preemie Mentors? 


Preemie parent mentors are professionals and parents who have either had preemies or worked with preemies. They volunteer with The Gift of Life in order to use their knowledge, experience, and passion to assist other parents of preemies in overcoming the unique challenges these moms and dads face. Preemie mentors give parents encouragement, support, and access to resources, communicating via email, phone, live chat, and/or in-person depending on need and availability.

Meet The Gift of Life's Preemie Mentors:


Jen Labriola

Jen LabriolaJen's twins were born 11 weeks early. These two adorable micro-preemies were born weighing only 1lb 12 oz and 2lb 5oz - they were born early due to an umbilical cord issue in the smaller baby.

I can help with cord issues, twins, NICU issues with nurses, formula ideas, dealing with twins, reflux, work/life balance, stress/anxiety, working mom, infertility, NICU blood transfusion, dealing with remarks about having smaller babies, PTSD from NICU

- Jen  

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Erin Burns

Erin Burns Preemie MentorMy name is Erin. I gave birth to my first born on April 26, 2012, 3 months premature. Chloe weighed 1 pound 2 ounces 11 inches long. I had her because of IUGR. She was in the Nicu for 120 days. She had hydrocephalus, a Gruver, laser eye surgery and 4 shunt revisions. She was a happy little girl. She did not grow and eventually succumbed to a rare genetic disorder February 27, 2015. She will forever be remembered as a fighter.

Experience with g tubes, giving blood ( Chloe was a very hard stick), I had to administer shots to Chloe after she lost her leg so I'm also familiar with amputation.

For more information, see A Tribute to Chloe

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Jennifer Figueroa

Jennifer FigueroaMy preemies were born at 25 weeks. Days spent in the NICU: 432.  Days Current age of preemies: 2 years and 7 months.

Our NICU Journey: We spent 432 days in the Hospital. Mateo is a twin survivor, Lucas passed away a week after they born. Mateo's lungs were immature insomuch that at 4 months old we did the trach. He is vent dependent, G-tube and has a trach. But God showed us that there's NO limitation or situation where His power can't show. Mateo is now crawling, standing and playing like a normal toddler. God is good and I always believe in the power of prayer.

- Jennifer

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Marcus Moore

Marcus and Kaleb Moore ImageMarcus might not consider himself to be a superhero, but he’s Superman to Rosie and Kaleb. In fact, in the telling of his story any dad of a preemie can find the courage to soar in his role as a father. Marcus is the co-founder of The Gift of Life. When Miracle Kaleb was born, Marcus left his job to stay home and take good care of his brand new preemie son. Now Kaleb is a healthy young boy and Marcus does all he can to reach out and give back for the miracle he and his family have received - he is eager to serve as a preemie mentor.

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Rosie Moore

Rosie Moore had a premature baby, Kaleb, who was born weighing only 1lb and 10 oz - he only spent 27 weeks in the womb and was born 13 weeks early. Kaleb was in the neonatal intensive care unit for 5 months. During the Moore's stay in the NICU, Rosie noticed how she and her family did not have support of anyone other than the staff. The NICU can be a busy and ironically lonely place - that's why Rosie founded The Gift of Life. Now Kaleb is growing up strong and Rosie is working to give back to the preemie community by running this organization and serving as a preemie mentor.

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