Because life is a gift we treasure each moment - The Gift of Life.

Our Lucy-Themed Black Tie Gala at Wyndham Orlando


lucille-ballDoesn't attending a Lucile Ball-themed event in which you are entertained by a magician and a Michael Jackson tribute artist and a Marilyn Monroe tribute artist sound like a great time? The Gift of Life's 2015 black tie gala was the place to be as we had a lot of fun, great food, and heart-touching times - it was a big success for not only our organization but those in attendance, whether on the stage or in the audience.

Take a moment to check out our gallery of pictures below and see some of the memories that we have come to hold dear. We hope that you will decide to be a part of next year's gala, and perhaps even get your picture posted.

Our annual gala's have proven to always be a great time, but what's best about them is that they help to bring awareness to the issue of premature birth and enables us to raise the funds required to continue to support the families and babies in the NICU. Whether you want to become one of our featured celebrities, corporate sponsors, volunteers, or guests, we are excited to see you at our next event.



 Looking Back at The Gift of Life 2015  Black Tie Gala


Looking Back at The Gift of Life 2015 from Bruce Reynolds Treasured Moments on Vimeo.



The Gift of Life's 2015 Gala Picture Gallery


Our Heartfelt Thanks to Our 2015 Gala Vendors