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A Tribute to Chloe

Chloe Lynn Simmons


April 26, 2012 – February 27, 2015

Chloe, was born at 27 weeks and 1 pound 2 ounces. Chloe has had many ups and downs but during her time here with us, she was loved by all.  Her smile tells it all.  On February 27, 2015 Chloe got her wings.   She was surrounded by family and friends. I feel that when I sit still, my heart aches in a way I’ve never known and the sorrow I feel is swallowing me. Being home and having all of Chloe’s things around me is just a reminder that I will never bring my baby home again. Mommy misses you so much and I wish I could hold you in my arms once more. I hope grandpa Wayne is up there rocking you and caressing your sweet cheeks and telling you everything will be ok. We will be ok. I will be ok . Love Mommy …..

“You’re one of Heaven’s angels now. A perfect little star. And when you shine the world can see how beautiful you are. May you fly with magic wings on clouds so soft and white, May your heart be joyful and your days be bathed in white. And though our hearts are broken and your life was far too short. We thank you, sweetest angel, for the happiness you brought.” -( author unknown)


Erin Burns Preemie Mentor

Chloe Lynn Simmons

Chloe’s mom, Erin Burns continues to give back to the preemie community by volunteering as a Preemie Mentor with The Gift of Life.

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