Because life is a gift we treasure each moment - The Gift of Life.

Our Mission:

The Gift of Life offers hope, encouragement, and support to the parents of premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.


The Gift of Life's 6th Annual Gala - September 14, 2019.   Theme: Miracles of Life


 The Gift of Life offers a variety support services to preemie families in and out the NICU.

.01 / ABOUT US

"When an individual takes positive action, that resonates through life."


"The NICU can be a lonely place filled with uncertainty for parents whose child ways just born prematurely. It's important to let them know that there are people who care and that they're not alone, as that can make all the difference."

The Gift of Life is a nonprofit organization started by the parents of preemies for the parents of preemies. We visit our local NICUs and Ronald McDonald House throughout the year and especially at Christmas to help ease the burden premature birth has placed on the many families we interact with. Our aim is to help as many preemie families as we can in Orlando and across the U.S.

Marcus and Rosie caring for their preemie son
Preemies with Teddy Bears in NICU
miracle preemie

Our Events Bring People Together, Help Spread Awareness, and are Loads of Fun

Our 5K Super Runs and annual Black Tie Galas continue to grow in popularity, making a positive impact on the community.

For many, attending The Gift of Life's Black Tie Gala has become a tradition. They look forward to this event which takes place each year in the fall. It gives them a chance to put on their best, enjoy a taste of luxury and entertainment, all while doing good for the smallest of us all - the preemies.

Around the spring of each year we have our 5K run - and that has consistently proven to be a big hit with those who participate, drawing the crowds and giving all a day to dress as their favorite superheros and enjoy a fun day of fresh air and activities.

We welcome you to join us. Consider attending one (or more!) of our events.

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Have a good time for a great cause.

Our 2018 Fundraising Goal



Helping to Heal the Emotional and Financial Trauma that Results from Preterm Birth

After having a son born prematurely and experiencing firsthand the various struggles unique to parents of infants born prematurely, Rosie Moore decided to found The Gift of Life. This 501(c)(3)* non-profit corporation was started as her way of allowing all the love and support she receives flow to others in the preemie community.

*Our 501(c)(3) status allows our donors to lower taxable income by deducting the value of their donations. 



What We Do to Uplift the Preemie Community Nationwide

Preemie Mentors


Being a new parent can be especially tough when your baby is a preemie, but connecting with those who've being through it before can bring more knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind.

Support Groups

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Our active, private Facebook group is a place where preemie parents can share their experiences, find emotional support, and get help with their most pressing questions. Hundreds of parents are enrolled.

Preemie Hats

purple preemie hats

Volunteer knitters create these handmade, beautiful-yet-practical gifts that help comfort both parent and child. For preemies, hats prove essential. For the parents, it's another way to know someone cares.

Care Packages

DC Box

Parents of preemies have to face many challenges but their focus must remain on the well-being of their babies. We help lift the load by supplying a few essentials they shouldn't have to worry about.

NICU Ambassadors

World Preemie Day 2016 NICU

Being a new parent can be especially tough when your baby is a preemie, but connecting with those who've being through it before can bring more knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind.

Love Bears

Preemies with Teddy Bears in NICU

Each year around Christmas our team gives out love bears to preemies in the NICU. These teddy bears are often baby's first toy and the gift can be very comforting and heart-warming to preemie parents.

"One person CAN make a difference."

Our Preemie Families Share Their Thoughts and Stories


"Because life is a gift we treasure each moment."

Make a Difference. Volunteer with The Gift of Life.
Our organization is a place where volunteers come to help others while refining their own skills. We have several volunteer positions waiting to be filled by someone with the heart to use their talents to the benefit of preemie infants and their families - won't you join us?

Our 6th Annual Black Tie Gala - in Disney! - takes place September 14th. Don't miss out! Buy for Earlybird prices now.Find Out More!