It’s not an easy moment for any parent when they find out that their new baby will come into this world as a preemie. In fact, it can be absolutely terrifying. And the parents then have the not-always-easy job of staying on the side of hope. But what may seem and feel like a tragedy in the moment can grow into a major triumph that blesses countless others. 

And so it goes with Miracle Kaleb. His premature birth has shaped the lives of countless others – at least several thousands that we know of – starting with his parents who are now the founders of The Gift of Life and reaching beyond to those preemies just now born and their families and more. 

For us, today is a holiday. For it’s a great cause of celebration. For without Kaleb’s preemie birth The Gift of Life also would’ve never been born.  Kaleb was born weighing only 1lb. 10 oz. His chance for survival looked bleak – even doctors didn’t think he’d make it out of the NICU. But look at him now. 

Kaleb is now in middle school thriving and learning with his new teacher and peers!

And he has a very creative side to him. Inflatables and animatronics are his passion.  He takes them apart and puts them together in a different way each time (which, as you may imagine, certainly keeps his parents amused). Considering how he started this life, it’s an understatement to say that his creativity is a blessing. 

Where will Kaleb end up in the future?  Who knows, but the sky’s the limit for him. For he has shown that, despite having a learning disability, he is smarter than a whip and thinks things through that will amaze you.  Kaleb is very curious and always asks tons of questions.

He has not lost his joy for life or his smile. He is an infamous hugger (though with Covid we have had to limit his hugging strangers for his and others’ protection!). Not shy in the least, Kaleb is very well spoken, as also acknowledged by Mrs. Ings who always calls him “The Little Senator”! 

We at The Gift of Life are thankful for the honor of having watched his development over the years. We look forward to where Birthday number 13 leads him!

If you or someone you know is a new preemie parent, it is our hope that Miracle Kaleb’s preemie success story inspires you. And over the years, we’ve experienced numerous preemie success stories. Take heart! Because we have witnessed it first hand, we know without a doubt that dreams do come true. 

Happy Birthday Kaleb! You are well loved.

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