Celebrating Founder Rosie Moore’s Birthday

Celebrating Founder Rosie Moore’s Birthday

As you can probably tell, celebrating birthdays is a big deal for us. It’s more than the usual courtesy most give others when they wish them a happy birthday. No, the importance of another year of life really holds deep meaning. It’s just as Rosie herself often says, “because life is a gift, we celebrate each moment.”

That moment when a parent first enters the NICU with their preemie, they often wonder if their new baby will see even their first birthday. Rosie and her husband Marcus were in that position more than a decade ago when their son Kaleb was born. And it was from that experience that they were inspired to start The Gift of Life. Recently, Kaleb celebrated his twelfth birthday, though he was given less than a 10 percent chance of survival at birth.

But our care about what goes on in the NICU isn’t just focused on what happens with the babies. In fact, most of our focus is on the parents. Often, celebrating their own birthday brings on a whole new meaning as they contemplate the life of their preemie – and indeed the preciousness of life at all. We support the parents in recognition that they need to be strong for the sake of their little one, their other family members, and themselves.

Rosie Moore, Wonder Woman

It takes a remarkable person to conceptualize, organize and operate a nonprofit organization such as ours. And Rosie Moore is a remarkable person – admittedly often misunderstood, but remarkable indeed.

You see, many have come to take her at face value. And on the surface what they see is someone just living the success life – a pageant queen, a PHD holder, a successful author. Rosie is often on radio and television shows. She’s made the cover of magazines and flies around the world making appearances while dressed in fine couture.

But here’s what most don’t see. Rosie is the mom of a preemie and her son, as brilliant and personable as he may be, has special needs.  Rosie wasn’t a celebrity who started a nonprofit. Rosie isn’t someone who became a celebrity just because they wanted to be in the limelight. No, Rosie’s fame arose from the lengths she was and still is willing to go to raise awareness, not just for preemie birth, but for the parents’ side of the experience.

For sake of The Gift of Life, Rosie embarked upon a weight loss journey and succeeded. To get the story out about parents’ side of the NICU experience, she wrote and published a book called A Story of Faith. She networked with media to get attention for the organization and succeeded by getting interviews on radio shows and the news.

Rosie has written to countless celebrities and corporations in the hopes of gaining sponsorship and support for The Gift of Life. And it was for The Gift of Life that she entered her first pageant (and subsequent pageants) and won.

Her competitive, focused, achievement-minded attitude is rooted specifically and unmovably in her passion to help preemie parents, the ones that call, write, and email us every day to share their heart-wrenching stories and ask for help – and the ones whose position she and her family was in not all that long ago. Each one seems to fuel Rosie’s fire that much more. She often stays up on the phone with them until 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning, even if she has to get up early the next day. They’re in the NICU, they’re frantic, and Rosie is there to soothe.

To many, Rosie’s success seems to come easy. To us that know, Rosie is anything but the extreme extrovert that she seems to be. Public speaking didn’t come easy. It wasn’t her nature to be glamour queen – make-up, high heels, and evening gowns aren’t really her style.

That’s one reason why the Just Rosie side of her personal brand became so important. She wanted the world to know that she is still her genuine, down-to-earth self. Rosie’s just a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops kind of gal, despite being the reigning Ms. World Universal Elite. The Just Rosie side, the one we know and love, all too often gets shaded from view by the brightness of this fast-rising star. But Rosie never for a second forgets why she’s doing this and neither do we.

Wonder Woman by day, Just Rosie by night and all for the sake of The Gift of Life.

Happy Birthday Rosie. It’s a deep thing, a remarkable thing to create an entire life outside of your comfort zone for the sake of uplifting others. It not only causes you to grow, but it also causes us all to grow. And as for me, I’m proud to call you friend.

Join us in celebrating Rosie’s birthday by donating to The Gift of Life.

Preemie Success Story: “Miracle” Kaleb Moore Turns 12

Preemie Success Story: “Miracle” Kaleb Moore Turns 12

It’s not an easy moment for any parent when they find out that their new baby will come into this world as a preemie. In fact, it can be absolutely terrifying. And the parents then have the not-always-easy job of staying on the side of hope. But what may seem and feel like a tragedy in the moment can grow into a major triumph that blesses countless others. 

And so it goes with Miracle Kaleb. His premature birth has shaped the lives of countless others – at least several thousands that we know of – starting with his parents who are now the founders of The Gift of Life and reaching beyond to those preemies just now born and their families and more. 

For us, today is a holiday. For it’s a great cause of celebration. For without Kaleb’s preemie birth The Gift of Life also would’ve never been born.  Kaleb was born weighing only 1lb. 10 oz. His chance for survival looked bleak – even doctors didn’t think he’d make it out of the NICU. But look at him now. 

Kaleb is now in middle school thriving and learning with his new teacher and peers!

And he has a very creative side to him. Inflatables and animatronics are his passion.  He takes them apart and puts them together in a different way each time (which, as you may imagine, certainly keeps his parents amused). Considering how he started this life, it’s an understatement to say that his creativity is a blessing. 

Where will Kaleb end up in the future?  Who knows, but the sky’s the limit for him. For he has shown that, despite having a learning disability, he is smarter than a whip and thinks things through that will amaze you.  Kaleb is very curious and always asks tons of questions.

He has not lost his joy for life or his smile. He is an infamous hugger (though with Covid we have had to limit his hugging strangers for his and others’ protection!). Not shy in the least, Kaleb is very well spoken, as also acknowledged by Mrs. Ings who always calls him “The Little Senator”! 

We at The Gift of Life are thankful for the honor of having watched his development over the years. We look forward to where Birthday number 13 leads him!

If you or someone you know is a new preemie parent, it is our hope that Miracle Kaleb’s preemie success story inspires you. And over the years, we’ve experienced numerous preemie success stories. Take heart! Because we have witnessed it first hand, we know without a doubt that dreams do come true. 

Happy Birthday Kaleb! You are well loved.

Thanking Everyone

Helen Keller says,”Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  That is what it takes to help a community of families in the neonatal intensive care units when their babies are born premature.  Offering hope, encouragement, and support when they need it most.

Helen Keller

Without these event professionals, volunteers and sponsors, The Gift of Life could not be here.

Thank you to all of these companies and individuals that stood up and said I will help even if no one else will.


Videography by Treasured Moments



A Little Girl Gives Back to the Community of Preemies

Sometimes people get involved with charities because they have gone through the experience, know someone who did or they are genuinely touched by what the charity stands for.

On September 12, 2015, The Gift of Life had its annual charity gala.  Founder and President Rosie Moore, wanted to honor someone who made a difference.  As she stood on stage, she called a few people up by name.

Olivia/ born at 23 weeks 1lb 7 oz./  Doctors told her parents three times to plan her funeral because there was nothing more they could do.  One doctor stood up and said, let’s give her a chance and try something new.  Here she is almost 24 years old!Olivia Current Olivia NICU


Erin/Born at 24 weeks 1lb 6oz, doctors did not assure her living as she was too tiny.  Here she is almost 24 years of age.

Erin NICU Erin Van Allen


Ashtyn/Born at 35 weeks 5lbs 6oz, here she is 17 yrs. Old. 

Ashtyn Baby Ashtyn Current


Alyssa/ Born at 28 weeks 4lbs 3 oz., here she is at 14 years old

Alyssa NICU Alyssa Williams


Bryanna/Born at 28 weeks 2lbs 6oz, here she is at 14 yrs. Old

Bryanna Williams Bryanna


Alyssa and Bryanna are twins.

Alyssa Left Bryanna Right


Destiny/ Born at 26 weeks 1lb 13 oz., here she is at 8 yrs. Old

Destiny Croker Destiny NICU


Kaleb/Born 27 weeks 1lb 10 oz., doctors did not guarantee his life or Rosie’s life, it was either her life or his that would be sacrificed, but God had other plans.  He placed Dr. Walker in their path to save Rosie and Dr. Bernstein to save Kaleb. Here he is at 5 years of age.

Kaleb Current Kaleb NICU


Many may ask why we share these pictures and stories.  Rosie Moore wants to be sure that you see what supporting The Gift of Life does for premature babies, but also what it does for their parents.


All the parents who had premature babies stood up in support of The Gift of Life.  Prematurity affects all ages, all races, all socioeconomic status, all religions.  But we can make a difference.

Preemie Parents

On September 12, 2015 The Gift of Life honored someone who was not premature, but knew in her heart that she wanted to help babies that were born premature.  She has a great set of parents that instilled in her values of helping others.  This little girl gave up her free time when she was not in school to go to events and help The Gift of Life.

GiftofLife-FamExpo-2 GiftofLife-FamExpo-5


The Gift of Life recognized this little girl with this Gift of Life Bear….


Bear Handoff to Jaz Bear to Jaz


                             Jazlyn Rodriguez!!!!!!

image1 (1)

 Jazlyn is the little girl that makes and sells the cute little hair bows.  If you have not already purchased or ordered one please contact The Gift of Life to order yours.   If you want to sponsor her so she can continue to buy the materials to make the bows that would be great!

Thank you Jazlyn for making a difference!

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Captured By Elle




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