Yay! We are Going Home!! But my baby is needing to be fed how??

feeding Preemie

Getting ready for the big day to leave the hospital is so very exciting, but it is normal to feel nervous when you think about the tasks that the nurses have supported you with while the baby was in the hospital. Now you have to complete those tasks on your own.   Depending on your baby’s medical diagnoses, it is possible that feeding your baby may be a bit more complicated than you originally hadContinue reading

Healthier Breastmilk: Transforming Liquid Gold to Liquid Platinum

Healthier Breastmilk banner - Liquid gold to liquid platinum

You may have had a lactation consultant, a nurse or your physician reference the breastmilk you are providing to your preterm baby as “Liquid Gold”.  Research supports the importance to feeding your breastmilk to your baby during critical weeks while in the NICU.  But did you know you can increase the level of some nutrients in your breastmilk by what you choose to eat, which can potentially result in better outcomes for your baby? AContinue reading