A Little Girl Gives Back to the Community of Preemies

Sometimes people get involved with charities because they have gone through the experience, know someone who did or they are genuinely touched by what the charity stands for.

On September 12, 2015, The Gift of Life had its annual charity gala.  Founder and President Rosie Moore, wanted to honor someone who made a difference.  As she stood on stage, she called a few people up by name.

Olivia/ born at 23 weeks 1lb 7 oz./  Doctors told her parents three times to plan her funeral because there was nothing more they could do.  One doctor stood up and said, let’s give her a chance and try something new.  Here she is almost 24 years old!Olivia Current Olivia NICU


Erin/Born at 24 weeks 1lb 6oz, doctors did not assure her living as she was too tiny.  Here she is almost 24 years of age.

Erin NICU Erin Van Allen


Ashtyn/Born at 35 weeks 5lbs 6oz, here she is 17 yrs. Old. 

Ashtyn Baby Ashtyn Current


Alyssa/ Born at 28 weeks 4lbs 3 oz., here she is at 14 years old

Alyssa NICU Alyssa Williams


Bryanna/Born at 28 weeks 2lbs 6oz, here she is at 14 yrs. Old

Bryanna Williams Bryanna


Alyssa and Bryanna are twins.

Alyssa Left Bryanna Right


Destiny/ Born at 26 weeks 1lb 13 oz., here she is at 8 yrs. Old

Destiny Croker Destiny NICU


Kaleb/Born 27 weeks 1lb 10 oz., doctors did not guarantee his life or Rosie’s life, it was either her life or his that would be sacrificed, but God had other plans.  He placed Dr. Walker in their path to save Rosie and Dr. Bernstein to save Kaleb. Here he is at 5 years of age.

Kaleb Current Kaleb NICU


Many may ask why we share these pictures and stories.  Rosie Moore wants to be sure that you see what supporting The Gift of Life does for premature babies, but also what it does for their parents.


All the parents who had premature babies stood up in support of The Gift of Life.  Prematurity affects all ages, all races, all socioeconomic status, all religions.  But we can make a difference.

Preemie Parents

On September 12, 2015 The Gift of Life honored someone who was not premature, but knew in her heart that she wanted to help babies that were born premature.  She has a great set of parents that instilled in her values of helping others.  This little girl gave up her free time when she was not in school to go to events and help The Gift of Life.

GiftofLife-FamExpo-2 GiftofLife-FamExpo-5


The Gift of Life recognized this little girl with this Gift of Life Bear….


Bear Handoff to Jaz Bear to Jaz


                             Jazlyn Rodriguez!!!!!!

image1 (1)

 Jazlyn is the little girl that makes and sells the cute little hair bows.  If you have not already purchased or ordered one please contact The Gift of Life to order yours.   If you want to sponsor her so she can continue to buy the materials to make the bows that would be great!

Thank you Jazlyn for making a difference!

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