Happy 8th Birthday to Kaleb Moore, the Miracle of Life

Eight years ago today a miracle was born, our son Kaleb Moore. He is the reason that the Gift of Life was founded.  As parents, Marcus and I struggled with the thought of what would happen to our little baby if he did not make it.

The chance of survival was 5%. We both had a lot of faith that if God brought us this baby, that He would help him survive.  Five and a half months in the NICU gave us a chance to think and see how other parents handled the premature birth of their baby.  This is when we realized that we needed to do something to help others.

As I was waiting one day to wash my hands before entering the NICU, I started to watch the parents ahead of me. They had a solemn look on their faces and a look of worry.  When it was Marcus’ turn, I noticed that he had that same look as the parents ahead of me.  My turn came up to wash my hands and as I washed my hands, I looked up in the mirror and besides the tired eyes that stared back at me, I noticed something.  I had that same solemn, sad, and worried face that the other parents had, “traumanicumized” as I call it.

I thought at that moment, we have been here 60 days and we do not know what is ahead for us, I can’t live my life in worry and not have faith.  I asked myself what can I do, I would be the blind leading the blind.

I spoke with Marcus and we decided that we would spread cheer during the Christmas season to help us feel better.  We started out with cookies for all the NICU units at our hospital as well as the labor and delivery unit and the high risk antepartum and postpartum unit.  We thought that would cheer the nurses up, but started to think further as we were thinking of returning the following year.  We, the parents, are the ones in need of support, so how do we make someone feel better? The cookies then became a part of our Christmas delivery until 2012 when we met some senior citizens who knitted bears.  This started the Christmas bear deliveries.

From there, The Gift of Life was born and started delivering care packages on admission and discharge to the NICU with the help of their corporate partners at Enfamil, Aloma Printing, and Pampers.  Today we are delivering packages all over the United States when they are requested by the parents in the NICU.  Our goal is to one day reach every NICU in the United Staes from day one that the baby is admitted there.

Today help us celebrate Kaleb’s birthday with well wishes for him.  If you are able to make a donation on his birthday, all donations go to help support our preemie mentor program and care package distribution all across the United States.


A Letter to Kaleb…

Dear Kaleb,

You were chosen by God to be on this earth, may this day be full of fun and exciting things today.  You are a miracle and you will do great things in life.  You are The Gift of Life’s Biggest ambassador, a living testimony that test and trials can be turned in to testimonies to encourage others. We love you so much.

Love Mommy and Daddy




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