Birthday Post: The Gift of Life Team Celebrates Marcus Moore

The time has come for another birthday celebration here at the Gift of Life. For us today is all about Marcus Moore. It’s his birthday today and we are taking this moment to extend the opportunity to you to join in our celebration.

Happy Birthday Marcus!!!

“Because life is a gift we treasure each moment”

Birthdays are very important to us. While some get embarrassed as they advance in years because of their age, we recognize what a precious gift life really is. When a preemie is born and has to stay in the NICU, they have a higher chance than most of not getting to their first birthday. And for many the danger doesn’t disappear after they’ve been discharged.

Life is precious, whether you’re the product of a premature birth or not. For each year of life, there’s someone who didn’t make it that far, regardless of the cause. And that’s why we make it a point to celebrate birthdays.

Marcus Moore one of the founders of The Gift of Life. He is husband to Rosie Moore and dad to our own little celebrity “Miracle Kaleb”.

When Kaleb was born a preemie, Marcus gave up his job to stay home and take care of his son. Doctors did not give Kaleb a high chance of survival. They thought he wouldn’t live through the NICU, but today he’s a thriving and active 9 year old with plenty of personality and passion.

To us, Marcus is a guy who deserves to celebrate his birthday. One way you can help celebrate with him is to donate to our cause. Help The Gift of Life raise the funds needed to expand our operations and help more families.

And be sure to drop Marcus Moore a quick line wishing him a Happy Birthday! You can hit him up on Facebook and comment on The Gift of Life’s Facebook page.

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