Our technology through the years has been advancing to provide parents with mentors that can support them through the telephone and through field visits in the hospital while the baby is in the NICU.

With the recent pandemic that has spread throughout the globe, more than ever the field of telehealth has become important.

This is the reason that The Gift of Life has decided to partner with Akos Connect to bring that emotional support in a secure and HIPAA compliant way for our NICU families.

Having a telehealth mentor allows parents the ability to follow up when they are not able to meet face to face. It also allows for a team approach to provide referrals to other service providers that can help you in the journey through the NICU and beyond.

One important time that parents benefit from our telehealth mentors is post-delivery when the baby first gets admitted to the NICU and just before being discharged home.

These are scary times for parents and knowing that they have a mentor to contact them and offer emotional support and referrals to other services when available, brings much needed comfort and a decrease in their stress level.

This year with this pandemic of COVID-19, our families have been struggling more due to the forced social isolation, financial struggles, and fear of the unknown outcomes.

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