Some people go all about for their birthday, buying themselves expensive gifts and expecting others in the life to do the same. Funds aside, there are people of all ages, walks of life, and status levels who consider their birthdays to be all about them and insist, even take great pleasure, in celebrating them as such – there’s nothing wrong with that, right?


It’s true that there are those who don’t celebrate birthdays at all, rather for religious reasons or lack thereof. At The Gift of Life, birthdays are extremely important, not due to some philosophical reason, but because of the condition in which some enter the world, namely preemies. For a preemie to survive that first year is a big deal because that baby had a high chance of not making it even that far in life. So, when his or her birthday comes, it’s celebration time, regardless.


But what about those who arrive in the world fully formed? Life is still worth celebrating. Much like the high level of wonder and interest that is given in the lives of those who have longevity and make it beyond 100 years of age, each year is precious and counts. That life has its ups and downs through the years, that people make mistakes, is irrelevant here; the value of a person is gestalt – greater than the sum of his or her parts. Every person has the right to celebrate the years they survive, one at a time. How do you celebrate yours?


Today, December 22nd, is our founder’s birthday. Happy birthday Rosie! We love you! And Rosie does enjoy celebrating her birthday, indeed…


Being the mom of a preemie son as well as the leader of an organization that cares for the families of preemies, understanding the value of life and of surviving the years comes to Rosie effortlessly and gracefully. For her, the celebration of her birthday is not just about herself, but of life. All human life.


On your next birthday, consider celebrating it by doing good for someone else. Make your birthday celebration not about you and experience the great reward from so doing. For Rosie’s birthday, we ask that you join us in celebrating it the way she loves to do; giving to the preemie cause and community – make a donation to The Gift of Life. Even the smallest amount counts.

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